After School Program Donations

Let us Join Hands to Help Save the At-Risk Children and Youth in our Neighbourhood.

The purpose of this request is to assist with our FREE After-School Program for marginalized and at risk children and youth in our Scarborough East neighbourhoods.

We are currently seeking the following:
  • Food items
  • Sports items
  • Other donations:
    • Cash
    • Gift Cards
    • Paper Supplies/ Stationeries/ Office Supplies
    • Reusable Computers/Laptops & accessories
    • Toys and Games

Our After School program helps to engage low-income, at-risk children and youths from different ethnic groups in our Scarborough East neighbourhood who are between 8 to 13 years of age in various activities; such as: homework  help, physical, sports and recreational activities.  They are also engaged in healthy eating workshops, leadership skills and personal development. This program acts as an early intervention mechanism, as participants will be provided with quality after-school activities to enable them complete their schooling, develop into healthy adults, build positive relationships, while gaining a sense of belonging and competence.

It's a well known fact that the rates of school drop-outs for the at risk and marginalized children and youths in our Scarborough East community continues to increase and many of the youth are engaged in crime and delinquent behaviors. Also, a large percentage of them are suffering from obesity and lack access to healthy food, recreation and physical activities.

Kindly help these kids in our community by supporting this vital initiative. As a not-profit organization serving low-income, new immigrants, at-risk youth, children and other marginalized members of our community for the past 20 years, the demand on our services are very high while our resources are limited. Therefore, any contributions to our agency are highly appreciated.

Drop off location

Heritage Skills Development Centre (HSDC)
400 McCowan Road (Ground Floor),
Scarborough, Ontario, M1J 1J5
Tel: (416) 345-1613
Fax: (416) 345-8696